Weekly Sermons

Lessons From The Church in Thyatira; Bad Leadership destroys the church.

Although the church in Thyatira was producing good fruit through their faith and their patience, somehow their works were distracting them to the point that they were allowing a corrupt, self-professed prophetess to teach and some in the congregation were heading toward the fate that was about to befall her. Jesus warned them to repent and promised that if they did, He would restore them into good standing as a church.

In the Old Testament, the spirit of Jezabel sent God’s mighty prophet Elijah running for his life. This was a mighty man of God, yet he knew that the Jezabel spirit was one to be feared. As the church we must be vigilent. Guard your hearts Christian. Learn the truth of the word of God so you can spot the lies of the imposters.

In the darkest hours; the Bright and Morning Star is your assurance of daybreak. Revelation 22:16

Lessons From the Church in Pergamos; Don’t Compromise The Word

The church in Pergamos had been infiltrated by false teachers. Jesus commends them for standing strong in the faith in spite of being in the midst of pagan strongholds and temples to dead gods. But a spirit of the Old Testament prophet, Balaam had led some astray. The result was that a doctrine compromised by self-interest instead of God’s interest was loose in the church.

Like Balaam’s she-ass; When God’s word is being compromised we must take a stand and speak-up that we not carry false teachers as they spread their bad doctrine.

Lessons from the church in Smyrna; “There’s a Price to Pay for Faith”

The believer’s in Smyrna were under severe pressure from forces without and within the church. Jesus tells them that because they stood strong in the midst of ongoing spirtual battles, they were spiritually rich in God’s eyes. When life and circumstances seem to be pushing in on you and your faith is being shaken; stand strong in Christ. God sees and understands what you may be going through. Everyting that has lasting value comes with a cost and faith has eternal value. Rest assured believer, your investment in faith is a sound investment. No matter the price, Faith is worth paying for.

Lessons From The Church In Ephesus; Love must be our Motivator.

Last week we began our series: “Lessons From the 7 Churches of Revelation”. The believers in Ephesus had “left” their first love. Life and pursuing things in it can cause us to leave our Lord behind. A simple way to reestablish your love for God is to say; “God I love You.” and to keep on saying in. You were made in the image of God and like Him; you can speak things into exististance. Speak love for Jesus back into your heart today. God bless you. Pastor Gene.