Lessons From The Church in Thyatira; Bad Leadership destroys the church.

Although the church in Thyatira was producing good fruit through their faith and their patience, somehow their works were distracting them to the point that they were allowing a corrupt, self-professed prophetess to teach and some in the congregation were heading toward the fate that was about to befall her. Jesus warned them to repent and promised that if they did, He would restore them into good standing as a church.

In the Old Testament, the spirit of Jezabel sent God’s mighty prophet Elijah running for his life. This was a mighty man of God, yet he knew that the Jezabel spirit was one to be feared. As the church we must be vigilent. Guard your hearts Christian. Learn the truth of the word of God so you can spot the lies of the imposters.

In the darkest hours; the Bright and Morning Star is your assurance of daybreak. Revelation 22:16